Mitya Fenechkin
Artist. Ukraine
Mitya Fenechkin

Artist based in Odessa. (Ukraine)
34 years old.

I often work with a theme that can be categorized as "Home".
Perhaps because of the frequent change of places of residence: apartments, neighborhoods and cities, I have a strong sense of timelessness and forgetting home.

The home is one of the essential anthropological and cultural constants of humanity. It is not a concept or a category, but rather a concept.
And the concept itself becomes the ideal way of describing the world.

The house is a dwelling place, a place of refuge for people. An area of tranquility and freedom, independence, non-transcendence. Home - family, co-habitation, constancy, childhood, relationships, the body, arguments.

The main focus of reflection - seeking between the house, its details and the features in the volume of memories, most often collective.
#Contemporary Figurative Drawing


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